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Saturday, March 26, 2011

breast feeding: the vicious circle of gold

A woman who breast feeds and is passionate about her right to do so, in public or in any other capacity, is not an exhibitionist seeking to purposefully make others uncomfortable because it gives her some sick sense of satisfaction. She, like you, is a free citizen with a life and responsibilities that may call her away from the home. Or may simply not suscribe to the outdated notion that a mother should be confined to the home merely for the fact that she is a mother.

Just because a breast feeding mother chooses not to confine herself to a filthy bathroom or cover herself with blankets that make her baby stuffy and uncomfortable while she nurses, does not mean she is immodest. She has a responsibility to nourish her child. Whether or not it makes you uncomfortable is not a consideration for her. Because she cares more for her child than she does for your delicate sensibilities.

She does not seek your approval. And that is why she is despised.

She regards her breasts as utilitarian first and sexual second. That is why she is misunderstood.

If she carries on breast feeding silently, you think she is poor and uneducated.

If she breast feeds with pride and argues it's benefits, you think she is uppity and self-important. 

Ask yourself why it offends you. Who benefits from your negative opinions of breast feeding?
Not you, since you experience discomfort as a result.
Not the mother who is looked down upon and disrespected.
Not the child whose healthy breast feeding relationship is challenged.
And certainly not society as a whole.

The only people who benefit from this mentality are the formula companies, who've subtly influenced public opinion against on of the most normal human bodily functions. They've convinced everyone that a false sense of modesty and avoiding moderate discomfort is more important than the health of a child.

They've made billions by poisoning our children and making women fearful and doubt their ability to adequately nourish their own children. They've made it a taboo to encourage a woman to breast feed so as not to make her "feel guilty". But the only thing she'd ever have to feel guilty about is the fact that she bought into those lies in the first place.

They've created a vicious circle of gold by making it next to impossible to breast feed and then villefying those who know better. So breast and formula feeding mothers both feel judged by one another and we are too busy arguing amongst ourselves to realize who is really to blame in the first place!

I hope this helps open an honest, judgement-free dialogue about the challenges and benefits of breast feeding. I hope we can regain the feeling of sisterhood mothering once gave us. And I hope this encourages all people to reconsider their negative opinions of breast feeding.

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